Sensitive Treatment for Industrial Sites

Wiltshire County Council asked us to look at three sites near Amesbury, Marlborough and Wootton Bassett to provide new salt storage and distribution facilities. Each site was ecologically very sensitive and so the designs needed to mitgate against these intrusion in a sustainale and exemplar manner. The design response was to create a scheme that as well as enhancing the ecology used technology to ensure the sites were as cost neutral as possible going forward. To this end, salt liquor and brine from the salt storage operation, as well as road gully waste was recycled through a natural filtration system of natural grasses, salt marshes and reed beds to produce filtered waste water to almost drinkable quality. This was then recycled and reused for wash down and gulley waste operations. To complete the concept, the buildings housing all these operations were designed to 'hunker down' and be 'of the landscape' and constructed in materials befitting their location and use.

  • Sensitive locations
  • Ecological mitigation
  • 100% water recycling
  • Cost neutral in contaminated waste transfer
  • WCC Framework
  • Design & Build

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Partner in charge

Tony Mullin

Salt Storage & Distribution Facilities, Amesbury, Marlborough, Wootton Bassett

Wiltshire County Council

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