Hospital Expansion

Working within a live environment, Oxford Architect designed a new 2nd floor to be built over the existing building.

Utilising a new steel frame structure, the new second floor spans over the top of the existing care home. On a constrained site a living wall is incorporated into the main entrance to create a new focal point and enhance the greenery within the grounds. The existing entrance has also been upgraded and has been re-orientated to face the main road, enhancing its presence on the street scene. The new second floor elements wrap the original building and are clad in crisp metal panels with pop-out windows flush with the façade.

Spacious bedrooms have large windows with low cills providing excellent connectivity with the outside world.

A garden room has been provided on the second floor which opens to the outside providing access to fresh air for residents who might not otherwise be able to benefit from the existing garden. On the ground floor the new reception area has a bespoke desk that echoes the shapes of the new extension with a smaller version forming the new nurse base on the second floor.

Some smaller bedrooms on the first floor will be combined to provide much larger accommodation, enhancing the residential experience and introducing improved en-suites.

  • 2nd floor extension and major internal refurbishment
  • Working in a live environment
  • New floor wraps around existing, creating new façade
  • New garden room
  • New reception area

Project Architect

Dan Boucher

Partner in charge

Matthew Balaam

St Luke's Hospital, Oxford

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