New ICU and Wards for Hillingdon Hospital

The new Seacole Building at Hillingdon Hospital is approaching completion. The project began construction in early 2020 with Oxford Architects in the role of Client Advisor for a new building with 3 identical 28 bed wards to an Oxford Architects plan. When the pandemic hit the UK the Ground Floor was reasonably well advanced and this was occupied in August 2020.

As the clinical needs changed Oxford Architects took on the complete re-design of the 1st floor to accommodate a new 16 bed ICU. This was achieved by the innovative use of 2-bed bays with medical service columns tested by the clinical team in a mock-up in the manufacturer, Cableflow’s showroom. The ICU also has 4 single isolation rooms and three separate zones to give flexibility in the management of contagious patients.

The ICU opened and took its first patients on 25th May 2021.

Project Architect

Martin Gilbert

Partner in charge

Matthew Balaam

Hillingdon Hospital ICU

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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