The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A complicated decant and reconfiguration programme has enabled Hillingdon hospital to have a new A&E department specifically designed to deal with Paediatric patients. This ensures a full separation of the Adult and Paediatric services. Works were completed on schedule and the first patients admitted in July 2016.

The new layout increases the number of bed spaces to deal with the Paediatric admissions and ensures that dedicated staff are assigned to deal with their specific needs.

A unique interior design and arts programme was developed to create a welcoming environment that is appropriate to children of all ages. Colour and artwork have been used to support a wayfinding strategy that will reduce anxiety at this stressful time for patients and carers.

Using BIM technology and visualisation software, Oxford Architects ensured that staff were engaged in the design from an early stage. The 3d software created a simple platform to showcase the design to busy staff groups who had a varied understanding of the construction industry.

  • New department will be able to cope with increased patient numbers.
  • Will be able to treat more effectively.
  • Create a better environment specifically for paediatric patients.
  • BIM software has aided the process of planning construction work in a live hospital environment.

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Project Architect

Martin Gilbert

Design Team

Dan Boucher

Partner in charge

Matthew Balaam

New Paediatric A&E Department, London

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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