Rotherham Regeneration

Regeneration masterplan of a 285 acre remediated former colliery site in the North of England including elements such as business units, housing, lakeside leisure, hotels restaurants, cinemas and a fitness centre set around a lake and golf course on the edge of Rotherham.

Important to the whole idea of the layout was the long term sustainability allowing the development to naturally evolve by providing a live, work, play and stay ethos where people would naturally want to dwell and develop a community.

Also by utilising the shape and natural forms of the lake and the proximity of the wildlife sites and trails, the new accommodation feels part of the countryside whilst being an extension of the existing town.

387 lakeside homes and apartments together with 84 private senior living units are set in an arrangement that leads the eye to the lake and the views over it to the golf course on then former pit tip. A boardwalk and picnic areas surround the lake shore.

  • 285 acre remediated colliery site masterplan
  • 387 lakeside homes and apartments
  • 84 private senior living units
  • Extreme sports venue
  • Business hotel
  • Health centre
  • 5 family restaurants

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Manvers Lakeside, Rotherham, Rotherham

Express Park Ltd

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