21st Century Garden Village Community

A well-connected, enterprising 21st century village community which will protect and create over 1,200 jobs across a variety of employment types, provide a wide range of homes to suit different tastes, ages and incomes, offer

the opportunity for local governance and deliver innovative healthcare services, all set within a richly landscaped infrastructure network.

The proposal includes a diverse mix of uses including employment space, housing, local retail and leisure space, community facilities, a school and recreation space. The variety of uses generates a largely self-sufficient village fulfilling the day-to-day needs of its residents and reducing the need to travel further afield.

The proposal would capitalise on a unique opportunity to make efficient use of previously developed land within the Green Belt, redefining the Green Belt while enhancing and protecting the remaining land in perpetuity for the enjoyment of the local and wider community and for the benefit of local wildlife.

Another key part of the vision is the ability to sustain, enhance and expand the site’s employment role. More than 1,200 net additional jobs will be generated through a wide range of types of employment from incubator spaces to larger units for existing and new businesses.

The chance to deliver much needed housing alongside these job opportunities is key. The ambition behind Fairoaks Garden Village is to demonstrate how the Government’s commitment to increasing the housing supply can be blended with sustained and enhanced employment and community space. This is the form of a sustainable development rooted in Garden Village principles.

  • £2.5m Innovation centre
  • £7m investment into 177-place primary School
  • £10m investment in village centre buildings
  • Over 5 miles of walking, cycling and horse riding routes
  • 1000 new homes, 50% affordable or providing a route into home ownership
  • £80m investment in business area generating an estimated £37m in wages

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Design Team

Anna Wareham

Partner in charge

Charles Webster

Fairoaks Garden Village, Surrey

Fairoaks Garden Village Ltd

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