Additional Space for 11th Century Manor

Fyfield Manor is a detached Grade II* listed building that dates back to 11th Century. Currently, there is no covered parking and little storage for the main house which is under continual maintenance (due to its size and age) and much of the renovation works are carried out by the owners. There is also no allocated workshop space to allow for maintenance to be carried out on-site and so much of the work has to be outsourced.

The client’s brief was to create a flexible ancillary building with a contemporary appearance that was sympathetic to the surrounding vernacular. The building was to include a double carport, double garage, workshop, small office and studio/store to support the main house.

It was established that the new building would bridge the gap between the existing buildings to the rear of the site completing the courtyard around the existing horse chestnut and providing a focal point for the rear of the property.

The scale and form of the scheme has been directly influenced by the surrounding and adjacent buildings and has been designed to complement their style and aesthetic rather than mimic them.

The prominent feature roof which houses the upper floor is clad in black metal profile sheeting which picks up the traditional black timber cladding of many of the local agricultural buildings. The metal cladding provides a crisp contemporary detail that minimises future maintenance. The roof is clad in dark patinated zinc to complement the black vertical cladding and solidify the strong agricultural form of the upper floor.

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Partner in charge

Brian Donnelly

Fyfield Manor

Private Client

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