‘Green’ Energy Centre in Sensitive Location

As part of the overall redevelopment of Broadmoor Hospital, Oxford Architects designed a new Energy Centre to replace the one serving the existing hospital.

Whilst the new Energy Centre is designed primarily for the new hospital, it had to be capable of servicing the old hospital until the new hospital was built and then both hospitals during the transition period from one to the other. Due to the phasing, nature and length of the overall construction period for the new hospital, the Energy Centre needed to have an inherent flexibility should the fuel supply change over that period.

The building has been designed to be a ‘green’ solution to blend into its landscape setting particularly as it is highly visible from the new hospital entrance building south of the site. The building has a ‘green’ roof sloping back into the banked forest to the east and is clad in natural timber. Glazed sections allow views into the plant areas and natural light into the building.

  • Sustainable building
  • Low impact on surroundings
  • Flexible to adapt to changing fuel sources
  • Adaptable to phasing of main hospital development

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Project Architect

Dan Boucher

Energy Centre Broadmoor Hospital, Berkshire

West London Mental Health NHS Trust

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