Affordable City Living

A 24-unit residential development with quiet courtyard for residents away from the busy commercial road.

Developed by the Guinness Hermitage on behalf of United Communities Housing Association as part of their long term commitment to provide affordable housing in city centre locations, the site lies on Pigsty Hill, equidistant between the upper and lower retail terraces of Gloucester Road in Bristol. The site is deep and backs onto long gardens from the properties running perpendicular to its rear boundary on the neighbouring road.The concept was a 'city mews on the city outskirts' to take advantage of this public front / private back scenario. To the front a single building housed mixed tenure units in the form of social rented and shared ownership flats.

The massing, sitting at 3 storeys has a fully glazed central staircase that provides access for all who live within. The front of the building responds to the sloping topography with the facade rhythm tumbling down the hill gently and matching into the street pattern seemlessly. To the rear of the site stand 6 three storey town houses designed in a complimentary architectural language to the larger frontage building. The two buildings are both separated and connected by the shared court providing parking and amenity space for all to enjoy.

Oxford Architects sourced the project as a series of derelict sites and introduced the whole site to the housing association in conjunction with a construction company in a turnkey contract package.

  • Affordable housing in a series of mixed tenure dwellings
  • Introduction of the site to the client
  • Off street parking and community amenity space
  • Easy access to transport and city centre

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Partner in charge

Tony Mullin

148-156 Gloucester Road, Bristol

Bristol Community Housing Foundation (with Guinness Hermitage)

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