Competition Entry for New Boarding House

We were invited to take part in an open competition for a new boys boarding house on a green site within Stowe School grounds, adjacent to the existing tennis courts and a listed menagerie building.

The site is steeply sloping and set amongst a heavily landscaped area with a number of important trees.

The design sought to link the new with the old to allow the retention and continued use of the menagerie whilst the 2-storey modern colonnaded building framed the edge of the tennis courts and allowed the possibility of future phasing works around the area. The positioning of the building also sought to reinforce existing routes whilst creating new ones through the site and linking the teaching and living areas. It also made best use of the sloping site by allowing servicing and general access to be made via the lower semi-basement level, and keeping pupils and staff separate by using the upper levels for day-to-day access.

Download Datasheet

Design Team

Jim Girling

Anna Wareham

James Palmer

Partner in charge

Brian Donnelly

Stowe School Boarding House, Buckinghamshire

Stowe School

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