Expansion of College Accommodation

Somerville College is one of Oxford University’s oldest women’s colleges, dating back to 1879.

Somerville College identified that they were short of on campus student accommodation and needed to find ways of providing more bedrooms.

The new Shaw Lefevre building will provide the college with 42 graduate rooms which will free up much needed rental accommodation in the area, fulfilling Oxford City Council’s target for no more than 3,000 students to be living outside of University-provided accommodation – relieving pressure on the private rental sector.

Where once the College might have seemed to turn its back on Walton Street (with solid gates and iron railings atop the walls) the proposed scheme will start the process of opening up the college to the surrounding community.

We have worked hard to propose a scheme that is sensitive to the history and character of the area, and respectful to Walton Street and Little Clarendon Street. It takes direct prompts from the adjacent buildings and the scale of the neighbouring properties but at the same time offering an ambitious, contemporary building with enjoyable internal spaces and a communal feel.

The proposed new development will be designed to meet stringent government planning guidance on the energy performance of new buildings.

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Partner in charge

Brian Donnelly

Shaw Lefevre Building, Somerville College, Oxford

Somerville College

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