Newspaper Printing Facilities

Newspaper Printing Facility, Oxford, contract value £7.5m
Extension of an existing print centre to accommodate a new 20m high press hall, mail room and automated reel handling area. The site lies within the view cones of Oxford and required sensitive design and carefully considered planning strategy in order to gain approval.

Newspaper Printing Facility, Motherwell, contract value £25m
New build of a 11,000sqm print centre for a MAN triple width, ten tower, two folder press. The building also accommodates a heavily automated paper store and newspaper palletising facility.

Newspaper Printing Facility, Portsmouth, contract value £16m
Extension of an existing printing facility to accommodate a new press hall and mail room for a MAN triple width, ten tower, two folder press, paper stores and newspaper sorting and dispatch hall. The building is near dwellings so acoustic performance was carefully designed.

Newspaper Printing Facility, Sheffield, contract value £19m
13,000sqm new press centre including reel stores with robotic reel handling, press hall, mail room and ancillary offices.

The key design challenges of these specialist projects include:

  • Building to respond to the production flow diagram
  • Plant rooms to be located strategically to minimise cable and duct runs and simplify plant lifts during installation and maintenance
  • The need to communicate with the client, other design consultants and numerous equipment suppliers
  • Material specifications required for accommodating demanding internal environments
  • Building tolerances, especially floor levels and low shrinkage screeds required by automatic goods handling equipment
  • Active and passive fire performance and wind and snow loading performance required by building insurers

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Project Architect

Brian Donnelly

Design Team

Mike Williams

Richard Puleston

Dan Boucher

Partner in charge

Charles Webster

Newspaper Printing Facilities, Various

Johnston Press, Newsquest, News International

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