Underground Car Park Refurbishment

This below ground car park is located in South Kensington, in close proximity to Kensington Palace Gardens.

The car park accommodates the cars of local residents who lease the spaces on a mix of long and short term agreements. The car park had not been refurbished since its construction in the mid 1970’s and looked extremely dated and uninviting. The plan was to re-clad the entrance area, provide new access and egress ramp doors and access control, and completely refurbish the 136 space car park.

The refurbishment was undertaken whilst the facility was occupied resulting in an eight phased plan made possible due to a number of free spaces being available to allow cars to be decanted from the designated working area.

The main car park refurbishments consisted of the removal of the disintegrating macadam surface and application of a new resin flooring to the newly exposed and treated concrete. The walls, soffit and columns were repainted. New signage, lighting, trickle charge points and electric car charging sockets were provided. The electric car charging points required the car park power supply to be upgraded. The emergency escape cores were also refurbished.

As well as working within an occupied car park, the site was below a high value residential apartment block. Dust, deliveries, storage, noise and fumes from the paint systems needed to be very carefully controlled.

  • Low energy lighting activated by movement
  • 20% electric car charging points provided
  • Use of MMA quick drying floor paint to allow fast track construction
  • Works carried out in occupied site with eight phases
  • Extensive consultations with extremely demanding occupiers and neighbours

Partner in charge

Charles Webster

Kensington Heights Car Park, London W8

Campden Hill

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