OA 60 Years of Architecture

On 1st June 1962, 7 Partners from 4 small Architectural Practices banded together to form The Oxford Architects Partnership.

Their driving ethos was very simple – ‘Through collaboration and teamwork, we seek to produce well designed buildings that work, are a pleasure to use and are sensitive to the context in which they sit’.

60 years later, and with only a slight adjustment to the Practice name, that ethos remains as grounded and as important to us now, as it was back then.

As partners in the Practice, we are merely short-term contributors to a much bigger entity that continues to grow from strength to strength.

And our ability to continue telling this tale is down to the many talented individuals that work for and with us - both past and present.

We thank them all for their talent, dedication, hard work and output.

This allows us to continue adding to the strong portfolio of buildings designed and delivered for our clients.

It also ensures that the legacy of the Practice continues.

In these ever changing and challenging times, the ability to be able to look back with pride as we leap forward into the future, is a worthy attribute to have collectively achieved together.

It is this aspiration that we hope will continue to guide the Practice onwards and upwards for many more decades to come.

Celebrating 60 Years of Oxford Architects

Oxford, Bristol